George Daniell


Some Highlights of George's Life

1911On May 4th George was born in Yonkers, New York.
1925Started taking photographs with a folding Kodak.
1926-1930Attended Barnard School for Boys, Fieldston, New York.
1927Did cast drawing at Grand Central Art School, New York City.
1930-1934Attended Yale University and received BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in drawing.
1933First trip to Europe; began 35m photography; England, France, Switzerland, Germany, and the Austrian Tyrol.
1934-1940Did freelance photography and portraits in New York City.
1937Studied at the Art Students League, New York City.
1937Painted and photographed on first trip to Monhegan Island, Maine.
1938Did photo story on Grand Manan fishing industry; this was published nationwide and in Canada; also did numerous paintings of island life.
1939Worked on and acted in documentary film, Light for the Traveler, New York City; went to Hollywood to photograph Ramon Novarro.
1940Studied art under Carl Nelson at the American People's School, Bronx, New York.
1942-1944United States Army; did numerous paintings and sketches of army life.
1944Returned to freelance photography in New York City; purchased house on Fire Island and continued to paint.
1946Took 35,000-mile trip through the United States, Canada, and Mexico; made documentary film of this trip.
1947Won The Jennie Sesnan Gold Medal for painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
1948Photographed Georgia O'Keeffe on Fire Island; travelled to Europe on the freighter Topa Topa with Tom Heggen, author of Broadway play Mister Roberts; toured Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, French Riviera and Capri.
1950-1970Spent winters in Key West.
1951Photographed John Marin at Cape Split, Maine and Cliffside, New Jersey.
1952Photographed O'Keeffe and D.H.Lawrence's three women - Mabel Dodge Luhan, Frieda Lawrence and Dorothy Brett - in New Mexico.
1955Spent two months photographing at Cinecitta Movie Studios in Rome; portraits of Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn in Rome and W.H.Auden on the island of Ischia.
1956Took around-the-world trip: Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, India, Greece, Egypt, Italy, France, England.
1957Began association with Photo Researchers in New York City; established Dorland Gallery in Greenwich Village.
1958Went on second around-the-world trip: Tahiti, Australia, India, Yugoslavia, Austria and Spain; photo essay on Italy published by Coronet.
1960Moved to Trenton, Maine.
1965-1980Contributing photographer for Down East magazine.
1967Finished portfolio of photographs of Key West.
1970Photographed Harold Acton at La Pietra, Florence, Italy.
1973Photographed Tennessee Williams in Key West.
1960-2001Worked as photographer and painter in Maine.
2002On September 14th George passed away in Bar Harbor, Maine.